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Keeping It Simple: Hotel Design With Millennials in Mind

For decades, hotel design has reflected the preferences of Baby Boomers. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are expected to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest adult population in the United States sometime this year. As more members of this tech-savvy generation enter the workforce, their values are leading to more efficient habits and lifestyles. Based on recent trends in hotel design, the hospitality industry is following their lead.

Embracing Minimalism 
Gone are the days of spacious closets, full baths, and large desks. Because Millennials tend to think of their rooms as just a place to sleep, hotels are cutting back on extras and introducing the small, bright, contemporary spaces they desire.

Socializing Workspaces
Although desks in hotel rooms have gotten smaller, workspaces have grown. More hotels are opting for larger lobbies with tables and outlets so guests can still work alone but in an open environment. To be more Instagram-ready, hotels have tossed ou…

Charming Churches: Five Design Trends of 2019

Until recent years, church architectural trends were fairly homogenous. Lots of dark wood, dim lighting, and cramped meeting areas prevailed. As seen in some of the top church design trends of 2019, millennials are embracing the opportunity to transform the traditional concept of churches into big, bright facilities that draw guests in for both worship and fellowship.

Welcoming Vibe 
Instead of trying to incorporate thematic elements that many interpret as overwhelming or cheesy, recent trends saw simplification in newer church design models. By creating areas that are more like home and include features like natural light, sectionals, indoor plants, and fireplaces, churches aim to compel more visitors to grab a coffee, open their laptops, and get cozy.

Sophisticated Hospitality
From minimalistic stage sets to natural materials and neutral colors, churches are shifting from uninviting dark features to fresh, clean sophistication. Doing away with features that contributed to a busy…