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Why Boston Is Moving From Brownstones to High-Rise Condos

Boston brownstones may create the quintessential image of a Beantown neighborhood, but more and more residents are opting to pull up stakes and head to high-rise condos. Why the switch? Here's what Boston architecture buffs need to know about the city's ascension from rowhouses to luxurious residential skyscrapers.

Room for Growth 
Building upward means room for more residents. After all, the city only has so much square footage, which means that any expansion eventually has to go vertical. As urban dwellers know, the downtown lifestyle is defined by lots of people bringing their energy, creativity, and brainpower to a relatively small space. This dynamic defines Boston, which is America's third most population-dense city, according to the Boston Globe.

Amenities Create Resort-style Living
As ever more high-rises dot the skyline, these buildings expand beyond condos to include retail space, entertainment, eateries, and amenities such as spas and gyms. This lifestyle at…