Keeping It Simple: Hotel Design With Millennials in Mind

For decades, hotel design has reflected the preferences of Baby Boomers. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are expected to overtake Baby Boomers as the largest adult population in the United States sometime this year. As more members of this tech-savvy generation enter the workforce, their values are leading to more efficient habits and lifestyles. Based on recent trends in hotel design, the hospitality industry is following their lead.

Embracing Minimalism 
A clean hotel room

Gone are the days of spacious closets, full baths, and large desks. Because Millennials tend to think of their rooms as just a place to sleep, hotels are cutting back on extras and introducing the small, bright, contemporary spaces they desire.

Socializing Workspaces

Although desks in hotel rooms have gotten smaller, workspaces have grown. More hotels are opting for larger lobbies with tables and outlets so guests can still work alone but in an open environment. To be more Instagram-ready, hotels have tossed out dull wallpapers and bland, floral paintings in exchange for light colors and bold art to encourage Millennials to post pictures on social media. A design option that's more appealing to guests and provides free advertising for the hotel is a win-win.

Rethinking Room Service

Instead of offering meals on clunky plates and dine-in only options, some hotels recently began providing quality food that's served fast-food style. This move has been a hit with Millennials. For a generation that's always on the go, sitting in for a meal isn't always an option. When served in recyclable containers, creative cuisine options let guests get food on the go while also being environmentally friendly.

Making Amenities Smarter

It seems like Millennials have an app for everything, and hotels are jumping on board. Many chains now let guests communicate with the front desk staff and other guests to order food, request a ride, and more by using an app. Some hotels even offer digitized room controls for lighting, locks, and TVs.

At Vanko Studio Architects, we believe that business and hotel design concepts can embrace modern ideas while retaining classical elements. If you're interested in working with a design firm that has a unique creative vision, schedule a consultation with us by calling 617.502.1120.


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