Renovation Ideas to Help Your Hotel Stand Out

When it comes to choosing lodging, travelers have endless options. There’s only one way to stand out among the competition, and that’s by delivering an unforgettable, Instagram-worthy experience that no other hotel offers. These are just a few ways hotels can think outside the box when renovating to keep guests returning again and again.

First Impressions Are Everything 
A newly designed hotel lobby

The key to wowing guests before they’ve even checked in? An awe-inspiring entrance. The first thing to do is to think about the intended use for the space. Socialization? Work? Relaxation? Then it should be divided into segments with each area treated as its own unique space, but with a theme that brings it all together for one extravagant look. Think an open-roof atrium with wide windows, filled with exotic plants, greenery, and a waterfall that connects guests with the outdoors while they socialize, work, or relax. Or, perhaps use glamorous chandeliers, sparkling fountains, and marble floors to create a sophisticated Venetian look. Extravagant ideas can leave a lasting first impression that will keep guests coming back again and again.

Modern, Eclectic Guest Rooms

The desire to impress shouldn’t end with the lobby; every hotelier also wants to hear the words, “Oh, wow!” from their guests when they walk into their rooms. That means the shag carpets, faded drapes, and generic artwork of yesterday are out. Today, it’s all about creativity and luxury. Playful patterns and textures add a splash of color that make guests feel at home, while eclectic furniture and decor can take it to the next level. Hotels also shouldn't overlook modern amenities like WiFi, HDTVs, and quality mattresses and pillows.

Luxurious, Spa-like Bathrooms

Even the en-suite bathrooms should be worthy of an Instagram photo. Marble countertops, travertine floors, and decorative arches can carry the Venetian feel of the lobby into guests’ rooms for a truly luxurious bathing experience. Waterfall showers, stone accents or tiles, and greenery tie back to the atrium lobby to make guests feel closer to nature. With some creativity, there are endless ways to turn a previously drab bathroom into a luxurious, Zen-like spa.

Keep It Eco-friendly

It’s 2019, and that means it’s time to be kind to the earth by breathing new life into old buildings. It’s easier than ever to make renovations eco-friendly, with countless ways to recycle and reuse building materials and reduce renovation trash. An environmentally conscious hotel architect can provide untraditional ideas to help hotels go green without sacrificing style, functionality, or extravagance.

Start Renovating Today

Whether you’re already thinking outside the box or need some design inspiration, Vanko Studio Architects can create renovation plans that can take your hotel miles above the competition. Our hotel architects have been designing creative and eccentric buildings for nearly 20 years. Whatever ideas you have in mind to leave a lasting impression on your guests, we’ll push the limits to find a way to carry them out. Call Vanko Studio Architects today at 617.502.1120 to get started.


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