Charming Churches: Five Design Trends of 2019

Until recent years, church architectural trends were fairly homogenous. Lots of dark wood, dim lighting, and cramped meeting areas prevailed. As seen in some of the top church design trends of 2019, millennials are embracing the opportunity to transform the traditional concept of churches into big, bright facilities that draw guests in for both worship and fellowship.

Welcoming Vibe 
A new church being built

Instead of trying to incorporate thematic elements that many interpret as overwhelming or cheesy, recent trends saw simplification in newer church design models. By creating areas that are more like home and include features like natural light, sectionals, indoor plants, and fireplaces, churches aim to compel more visitors to grab a coffee, open their laptops, and get cozy.

Sophisticated Hospitality

From minimalistic stage sets to natural materials and neutral colors, churches are shifting from uninviting dark features to fresh, clean sophistication. Doing away with features that contributed to a busy, chaotic look, many designs now place more emphasis on the church's message.

Larger Lobbies

In keeping with the more welcoming feel that they're providing to individual visitors, church leaders have started encouraging more camaraderie between members by building larger lobbies. While smaller lobbies tend to make churchgoers feel that they're being herded quickly into the worship area, more expansive areas contribute to a feeling of community and togetherness.

Expression of Identity

Recently, many churches have jumped on board with the trend of showcasing their identity. Branding has transformed from just names and logos to clear visual representation of mission statements and values worked into the overall aesthetic. Some even incorporate their own fonts and color schemes into their design efforts.

Family and Community Focus

Clergy members have realized that, outside of church activities, organizations would rather choose public spaces such as libraries for their meetings and extracurricular activities. In an effort to create more inviting community features that appealed to clubs, groups, and families, designers have started to incorporate more meeting rooms, play areas, recreation rooms, and even cafes to encourage the use of church spaces through the week, not just on Sundays.

At Vanko Studio Architects, we know that the power of God can bring a congregation together anywhere. We want to help you create a modern, inviting church space with features designed to draw people in and experience Christ in a comfortable, fulfilling way. Contact us today at 617-502-1120 to get started.


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